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​​Business German.

The Concept


Become a PRO

in German grammar.

- Not necessary?

Oh yes, it is. How else will you be able to avoid the most common grammar mistakes learners do? But don't worry. I broke down the most complicated German grammar in small and easy learning nuggets.

So you can just grasp it with little effort. 


Speak as if German was your native language

- Not realistic?

Actually, it is realistic. 

I succeeded in it too! I will show you how carefully crafted trainings and powerful tools will help you

to easily pronounce some of the most difficult German words for foreigners,


>> Eichhörnchen<<. 

Writing Skills 

Exceed in writing Emails, written reports, as if it was your profession

- Not possible?

Yes it absolutely is possible.

 With a range of thematic business writing trainings. Lessons in structuring emails, reports. Lessons in german business culture.

What is actually appropriate in most German business contexts?  

Effective Language Learning

Whether you are learning German from scratch or whether you already have German basics. The most important thing is always to find out your German level and your goals in learning the German language. Thus, I can make the course as efficient as possible. 

through scientifically proven methods

through thinking out of

the box

with passion for


Why you should choose us!

success guaranteed

100% Scientifically proven methods

100% efficiency is my goal for you! When you take my classes, I acknowledge the fact that you trust me to get you to your goal as fast and as efficient as possible. Thus, I make sure to use the best scientifically proven methods to enhance your learning experience which will ultimitally get you to your goal. 

100%  Results

Using scientifically proven methods and tailoring every course specifically to your needs, absolutely gives me the confidence to garantuee you 100% real tengible results. Individual consultation and a placement test before the beginning of the course is a must for me, for you to get exactly what you want out of the course. 

 increase of productivity

Our training courses enable your company to increase productivity in multicultural teams. You will be able to understand your german business partners and to act with confidence on german markets. 

I Am Your Teacher!



Communicate Clearly. Persuade Easily.

Understand your business partners and act with confidence on german markets. 

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