A2 crash course

Learn A2 German in just 6 weeks with …

  • modern learning methods
  • brain-friendly learning
  • professional support

and pass your A2 Goethe exam in no time!

Over 7 years of experience as a German teacher

More than 7000 enthusiastic learners

Master in foreign language didactics

Learning methods with resounding success

Over 6 years of experience as a translator

Over 7 years of experience as a German teacher

More than 7000 enthusiastic learners

Master in foreign language didactics

Learning methods with resounding success

Over 6 years of experience as a translator

You want to pass the A2 German exam, but …

Grammar is boring or gives you headaches.

you lack vocabulary and memorizing is not your thing.

you are not good at expressing yourself, so you are ashamed of your pronunciation.

you have already tried some apps or courses that have bitterly disappointed you.

Then it’s time to learn with me.

German at A2 level in only 6 weeks

With my learning system of brain-friendly learning and language transfer method, you will learn to speak and write German at A1 level in just a few weeks, without…

    • complicated grammar
    • meaningless memorizations
    • being afraid of making mistakes

1. Active reading + decoding

This will give you a feel for the language. The text will help you memorize the meanings of the words in a very natural way.

  • Instant understanding of the text (through decoding/translation).
  • The word-for-word translation makes the language transparent.
  • You immediately absorb the sentence structure of the language.

2. Active listening

This will make you understand the content like a native speaker.  We listen to what was read and decoded and read it at the same time, so that the content is fixed.

  • From this point on, it is just as easy for you to understand the German text as it is for us native speakers. This cannot be achieved so quickly with conventional methods.
  • All words are learned in a meaningful context (do not learn vocabulary without context).

3. Language Transfer

With simple rules, you will memorize hundreds of new vocabulary words in a few hours, without having to memorize them.

  • Many words from English are very similar to German and can be translated directly.
  • Learn how to recognize endings or the stem of the word and thus open up thousands of words.
  • Learn how to start building sentences right away by using the sentence structure correctly.

4. Grammatical explanations

You don’t need to study grammar, just understand how it works.

  • Simply broken down for you and only as additional information.
  • The grammatical language is important so that you can find your way around in the language world and other textbooks.
  • Simple rules that give you an overview and show you how German works.

What you get exactly

Content of the A2 crash course

I will accompany you intensively for 6 weeks to your A2 German success. We will go through these topics together in the respective weeks:

Week 1: Hello Germany!

Topic: Germany introduces itself. Learn some interesting facts.

Accompanying grammar content:

  • Learn how to form subordinate clauses with “because,” “that,” “in order to,” and “because.” (Example: I am learning German because I like the language).
  • Learn how to make comparisons with “as, how” etc. (Example: I think German is better than French).
  • Learn how to use adjectives. (Example: The beautiful car).
  • Learn how to use possessive articles. (Example: This is my sister).
Week 2: Do you know the culture in Germany?

Topic: How do I behave in Germany? Learn about the culture and dos and don’ts.

Accompanying grammar content:

  • Learn to know the modal verbs (may, can, like, must, etc.) (Example: I have to go home).
  • Learn how to ask different questions. (Example: When are you coming home?).
  • Learn how to express yourself politely. (Example: I would like you to meet my parents).
  • Learn how to use the genitive “s”. (Example: This is Peter’s bicycle).
Week 3: Activities in Germany

Topic: What activities can you do in Germany? We talk about hobbies and interests.

Accompanying grammar content:

  • Learn how to use nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive. (Example: The cell phone is on the table).
  • Learn reflexive pronouns (Example: to change vs. to move).
  • Learn how to use sentences with time adverbs (first, then). (Example: first I go to work, then I go shopping).
  • Learn how to make relative clauses (Example: That’s the man I saw).
  • Learn how to use prepositions (Example: I am under the covers).
Week 4: Your home country

Topic: What is your home country like? We’ll talk about different home countries.

Accompanying grammar content:

  • Learn how to use the past and perfect tense (Example: I ate vs. I have eaten).
  • Learn how to use separable verbs (Example: I shop at the supermarket).
  • Learn how to form sentences with “as” (Example: When I was in Germany).
  • Learn how to use past tense adverbs (Example: I lived in England at that time).
Week 5: Friendships and family

Topic: We talk about friendships and families.

Accompanying grammar content:

  • Learn how to express emotions (Example: I feel … vs. I am …).
  • Learn how to use the indefinite pronouns “all or “some” (Example: Some think I am younger than 25)
  • Learn how to talk about the future (Example: I will go to work tomorrow)
Week 6: Repetition
  • Repetition of the important topics (questions & answers)
  • Final test: only as a check for you (replaces not the official language certificate)
  • Certificate of Participation (replaces not the official language certificate)

For every week you will get the following …

Summaries of the learning content as PDF

listening tasks, reading tasks and writing tasks

Vocabulary lists using the language transfer method

All in one workbook that will accompany you throughout the A2 crash course.

Why am I the right teacher for you?

Hey, my name is Gloria. When I came to Germany, I couldn’t speak a word of German. At first I had to learn German using outdated methods like the ones you know from school.

Because there were no coaches or teachers who teach according to brain-friendly and individual learning systems.

So I know exactly how you feel.

I know how difficult it is to learn German when you're learning with the wrong methods.

I know how frustrating German grammar can be,

And today, I know a better, more joyful way to help you learn German.

State of the art knowledge

Learning according to the latest findings of learning research

I will show you how you can learn German in a fraction of the time according to your individual learning style, brain-based learning and language transfer method.

Receive certificates

All the knowledge you need to pass these exams quickly and easily …

In my A2 crash course you will get all the knowledge you need to pass the following exams:

Frequently asked questions


When do the class begin?

The next A2 crash course starts on starts on July 17th, 2023 and lasts 6 weeks.

How do I learn in this course?

With my teaching methods you will learn:

  1. Active reading + decoding
  2. active listening
  3. language transfer
  4. Grammatical explanations

You will also receive learning material that we will go through together in the lessons.

How long does the course last?

The course lasts a total of 6 weeks with 3 hours per week. In total you get 18 full hours of lessons.

Do I have to learn grammar?

You learn grammar naturally, without realizing that you are learning grammar.With me you will learn German through reading, listening, speaking and natural language transfer.

What are the requirements for taking part in the course?

You already have A1 knowledge, which means you can …

    • … already understand and use simple sentences.
    • … introduce yourself and others and ask simple questions.
    • … communicate in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to the crash course recording.

How much time do I need per week for the best result?

In addition to the 18 hours of instruction I will deliver, I recommend that you take an additional 18 hours to review content from the course.

Do I get a certificate or a certificate of participation at the end of the course?

You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the course, but this does not replace the state-recognized language certificate.

What do I do if I have questions?

In a Telegram group created especially for the crash course, you can ask questions at any time during the 6-week support period, which I will answer within 24 hours.

How can I pay?

You can pay with all common payment methods, such as credit card, Paypal, immediate payment.